Floral Preservation

Letting the memories continue to bloom beyond your special day! 

Bridal Resin Pieces

Candle Holders
Custom Earrings
Ring Holders
Jewelry Dishes / Trays
...and more!

Bridal Pressed Pieces

Hanging Frames
Floating Bouquet Frames
Hexagon Frames / Ornaments
Jewelry Boxes
Floral Dipped Candles
Vow / Invitation Frames
...and more!

When I'm not out in the field capturing the special moments I am in my home studio getting dirty and creating resin  & pressed flower art!  

As a child I could be found out in the wild making flower crowns and talking to mushrooms because in my imagination they were fairy homes! Now I'm just a bigger kid who basically does and thinks the same thing (haha)! 

I founded my love for preserving blooms in 2020! I decided to combine my love for resin art, weddings, and memories and started preserving florals in resin in a way that matches your story; letting your special memories continue to bloom forever!

the process

step 2: wedding day

Florals are on their way! Expect to receive your florals between 6-10 weeks of wedding day! 

step 4: ship your florals

Pick out the items or packages you wish to have your flowers preserved in. Once you have selected all of your items, I will add it to your wedding package choice!

Step 1: Pick Your Product

Once your florals are fully dried/pressed I will cast them into your picked mold and from there the magic happens! You can pick the option of having gold or silver flakes!

Step 3: Drying & Casting 

Your special day is here and I am snapping all your big day pics! Don't worry I won't forget to grab your flowers before I go home! Whether it's your bouquet toss or your partner's boutonniere I only need a few blooms to make the magic happen! Once collecting the blooms I will place your special stems in a silicone bead box that will start the drying process of your blooms while preserving all the original colors of your petals!  


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Earrings (Bridal/Bridal Party) 
Necklace Pendant
Ring Prism Holder
Coaster Set 
Candle Holder

bundle box:

Ring Prism
20 4x6 Prints 
Wood USB 

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